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I’m Hunter, and this blog is for kids (and parents, and anyone else that’s interested) that suffer from dairy allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, etc. and how to enjoy food regardless of what you can or cannot eat. All of our posts are dairy-free, while some are also gluten, nut, egg, or soy free!

A little bit about me: I have been allergic to dairy since I was born. Actually, even before that. When I was in the womb, my mom couldn’t drink or eat any milk products. She didn’t know why, it was just unappealing to her. Then after I was born, the first thing she drank was a giant glass of milk. Can you believe it?

When I was younger I would cry and cry, have major mood swings, and my tummy was always hurting. I eventually learned that it was all forms of dairy that were causing my problems, but I was too stubborn to stop eating my favorite foods, which had loads of cheese in them. And then when I turned 13 the problem just kind of vanished. I assumed I had just grown out of my allergy.

Flash forward to 2011 and the allergy had come back in full force. I was having major anxiety attacks, couldn’t breathe the morning after eating something with dairy, was really cranky, crying all the time, and I would spend painful hours in the bathroom. Finally, in the fall of 2012, at the ripe young age of 18, I decided that enough was enough and cut dairy out of my life for good.

Technically, I’m not truly allergic to dairy, as in I probably won’t die from eating it and I don’t need an EpiPen, but my high sensitivity and reactions to all things creamy definitely makes me feel like I am.

Nowadays I spend my time happy and much less emotional (although I’m still a mess most of the time regardless of what I consume), with zero pain in my tummy. But I have had to learn to adjust my thinking for every meal I make, and eating out can be a pretty big pain. It wasn’t until I met a little girl named Vivian that I decided to make this blog. Vivian is six years old, and we have come to find out, is also highly sensitive to dairy (This includes milk, cream, butter, etc.). I always thought that it was hard for me to eat out, but it pales in comparison to how hard it is for Viv. You see, at most restaurants, almost everything on the children’s menu contains some sort of dairy: mac and cheese, chicken tenders, hot dogs, you get the gist.

So in honor of Vivian and all the other dairy-free kids of this world, I hope to fill this wonderful blog with great recipes that everyone can enjoy, awesome restaurants that offer food that is exciting and appetizing, and anything else pertaining to being a child with an allergy! I hope whoever reads my posts can go out into the world confident in how to cook great meals free of painful reactions, order yummy food while out and have an extremely enjoyable life… Tummy-ache free!

Now go, and get on with your amazing self!

Thanks for visiting!

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Photo by Marla Carter, 2013