The Wild Cow: Nashville, Tennessee


I could probably eat every meal of my life in this restaurant. The Wild Cow is located in East Nashville and offers fresh, awesomely delicious vegan fare.

As the last stop on the McKenzie/Hunter road trip, we definitely went out with a bang. A yummy, over-the-top, local produce, VEGAN, food fantasy dream of a restaurant. I’m sure like most of you dairy-free people that actually lived some years with dairy in your life, you will understand my constant lust for queso dip.

The smell wafts through any restaurant and I can still perfectly taste the creamy smooth flavor and texture of my favorite queso dip at home.

So when I was suggesting restaurants to McKenzie that we could stop by for dinner, and I saw The Wild Cow’s menu, I practically caused her to wreck in my screaming excitement.


And boy did it live up to all my expectations. I’ve tried vegan cheese dip, I know vegan cheese dip, but this one had me stumped. It was extremely creamy and tastes so real I even asked the waitress if it was dairy-free, just to check. She laughed and assured me that everything in their restaurant is vegan, and I devoured the dip in about .3 seconds.

What I loved about The Wild Cow is that it seemed to be a total local place. There were tons of tables pushed together to fit friends and neighbors as more walked in and grabbed a seat. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. There were large groups, small young couples, new parents with their babies, and then me and McKenzie.


For appetizers, we got the vegan queso dip (!!!) and spinach and artichoke dip (another thing that I missed terribly!)

I’m pretty sure that I was completely full by the end of the appetizers because they were so good. I tend to go crazy at vegan restaurants because, who doesn’t go crazy when they can order ANYTHING THEY WANT off a menu, it’s a novelty feeling, and so I went a little crazy here.

But it was sooooo good. I couldn’t help myself.



For the meals, I ordered the Buffalo Beans & Greans. Basically kale, pinto beans, carrots, and buffalo sauce covered tofu served over brown rice (or quinoa) and then doused in a ton of vegan ranch dressing.

Heaven on a plate is all I have to say. Super spicy, but I love buffalo sauce.

It was a total cheat meal that was actually really healthy. It was also really light too while still making me totally full. I love it when that happens.


For McKenzie’s meal, she had the sweet potato and black bean tacos with lime slaw, homemade jerk sauce, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Again, yum.

Like I’ve mentioned before, McKenzie also doesn’t do gluten so what was awesome is that The Wild Cow’s menu has GF next to all the food that is available gluten-free.

Win win party party.


What I was really looking forward to though was the desserts. And boy did they not disappoint.

When you walk in you’ll immediately see a huge bakery section off to the side of the restaurant filled with gluten-free, vegan, and raw desserts from local bakeries or made in-house. McKenzie decided on a chocolate ganache cupcake while I opted for the cookies and cream cupcake.

We were drooling. So stinkin’ good. Next to the queso dip, the cupcakes were definitely my favorite part of the meal.



I definitely want to visit The Wild Cow again. I have a special place in my heart for supporting vegan restaurants because they are always safe for me to eat at and provide such a special experience by being able to choose anything off the menu. As someone with an allergy, I’m sure you know how special that feels. So gooo vegan restaurants!

The Wild Cow not only had great service, but offered a wonderful family friendly environment with amazing food.

Read more about The Wild Cow here. And be sure to stop by next time you’re in Nashville:

1896 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206


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