The Laughing Seed: Asheville, North Carolina


So if you happen to read my blog posts on the daily, then you know that I recently took a super cool road trip with my super cool friend mckenzie to super cool places.

And one of those super cool places happened to be Asheville, North Carolina.

Where they had this super cool restaurant called The Laughing Seed.

Needless to say, it was super cool.


The Laughing Seed stuck out to us after our friend, Jodie, recommended it when she found out we were going to Asheville (Btdubs, she’s literally been telling us to go to Asheville for years, so we were very excited when we finally got the chance to go!).

The Laughing Seed is a vegetarian restaurant with tons of vegan options. We knew that would be right up our alley, and so we decided to try their Sunday brunch before we got back out on the open road.

Um, it was incredible. The food was amazing. The service was delightful. For someone who is dairy-free, I’d almost say it’s a mandatory option when traveling through Asheville. Seriously. Mckenzie also has a gluten intolerance, so I will admit that there weren’t too many options gluten-free, but there were just enough for her to have a really enjoyable meal anyway.


McKenzie had an omelet with avocado, tomato, and “facon”, aka vegan bacon. It also had some really excellent salsa on top and a side of home fries and a biscuit (obvs I ate the biscuit).



I had VEGAN BISCUITS AND GRAVY! What? Hold the phone. I know. It just got real.

Vegan Biscuits and Gravy. And just look at them, because they tasted as good as they look. I’ve only had biscuits and gravy modified once, and I haven’t touched biscuits and gravy since I stopped eating dairy completely, but they were one of my favorite meals ever. The Laughing Seed’s biscuits and gravy do.not.dissapoint.

I ordered the Blue Plate, which gives you a little bit of everything. So I also had scrambled eggs (they’ll do scrambled tofu as well), rosemary-roasted potatoes, seitan sausage (not my fave, if I’m being honest), and biscuits and gravy. Nom nom nom.


We also decided to share some pancakes as well. Are we food hogs or what?

You guys. Fluffly vegan pancakes filled with blackberries topped with a blackberry-port butter (used with Earth Balance, duh.), walnuts, and maple syrup. Hello heaven.


So there you have it. I can not rave enough about The Laughing Seed. The kids will love it, the parents will love it, the friends will love it. Just go have a party for how much you’ll love it. Even better, just go. On your next stop in Asheville (or if you’re considering visiting for the first time) go, go, go.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.  I definitely give it an A+++. A two thumbs up. A pat on the back. A nice, warm hug. A french kiss.

Whoa there now Hunter, bring it back down.

But really, it is that good. Pinky promise.



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