The Laduree Restaurant: Paris, France


A young lady’s dream: think pastels, fancy china, and macarons all while sitting along the Champs-Élysées surrounded by chic Parisians on their way to work or afternoon tea.

How more perfect can it get?

Ladurée is a must stop shop when you’re in Paris. Home to the best macarons (in my opinion), it was always on my bucket list the last few times I’ve been to Paris. But what always ended up happening was that I would run out of time to get from my hotel over to Ladurée and have to end up settling on buying them at the kiosk at the airport. Hey, they tasted just as good.


Little did I know that sitting on the Champs-Élysées itself was not only a macaron shop, but a restaurant, bar, and tea room. Hold the front door I KNOW.

If you’re anything like me, you think Paris is the epitome of chic and fashionable. And what is more fashionable than taking a break from luxury shopping to have afternoon tea and sandwiches at the pretty Ladurée? Nothing, I tell you.

It supported all my wonderful fantasies and certainly did not disappoint. Macarons are one of my favorite desserts because all they are is dainty pastry shells that only contain eggs, almond flour and sugar enclosing a sweet fruit jam inside.

They also have ganache filling, but that’s not dairy free, silly!


What’s nice about the Ladurée Restaurant is that you can sit inside or outside and order some fabulous tea (make sure to get the Ladurée Special, my favorite!) and macarons to enjoy, which you can also take to-go, all while there’s a line all the way to Louis Vuitton that everyone in Paris and their mothers are standing in. Bliss, relaxation, macarons.

Another little secret: if you’re in a rush, go to the bar and order macaroons and they’ll give them to you to-go in .5 seconds. It’s these moments in life, like saving yourself thirty minutes on your Parisian vacation, that make it all worthwhile.


I had the joy of eating at Ladurée twice; once with McKenzie while it was just the two of us wandering the world together, and then a second time when my and Viv’s family arrived, although we only had tea then.

McKenzie and I had no trouble ordering around the dairy allergy, all the staff were easy to talk to and knowledgable. I ordered the salmon club and McKenzie had the vegetarian club.

So next time you’re in Paris (tell me I’m not the only one pronouncing it PAREE every time I say it in my head? I’m so French) definitely take the time to go on a mommy daughter date to Ladurée and enjoy all the lasting memories to be made!


Find out more about Ladurée here, or visit them at:

75008, Paris

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