The Disney Experience with an Allergy: Magic Kingdom


This is the 4th post in our 4 part series about Disney World, meaning it will be our last. (for now!) Sigh.

I’ve had such a great time sharing all the pictures and great places we ate at while in Disney with all of you, and I can’t wait for you to go to Disney yourself and enjoy the parks with an allergy. It’s a truly wonderful experience, and I enjoyed every minute of our trip!

You can read about eating with an allergy at Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom here.

Like I said in our previous post, the Disney cast members, chefs, and anyone who works for Disney World does an excellent job of being well informed about our allergy and taking all the precautions necessary to allow Viv and me to enjoy our trip to the fullest without any worries of a reaction. I even think I forgot that I had an allergy a few times, and for someone who deals with an allergy, you know that we never get a break from checking every little thing that we eat, so it was very nice!

I recommend making reservations for everywhere you’d like to eat because it gives the restaurant time to prepare for your arrival. And, when you are going to a restaurant with special requests it’s courteous to let the establishment know ahead of time, but I also just showed up at a few places (especially for lunch) and the service was the same. I also emailed Disney at a few days before our trip (they ask you to email them at least two weeks ahead of when you are going if you have multiple allergies or more than one person in your party with allergies) and they emailed me an awesome list of most of the restaurants and parks on property and what they might have that is dairy-free. It was the perfect go-to when deciding where to eat and I often referred to it when ordering dessert. If I knew that a restaurant had Enjoy Life cookies on the list, then I would specifically ask for them for dessert.

In this post, I am writing about the quintessential Disney World theme park: Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom isn’t a food centered park. I wouldn’t really make dinner reservations there, but it’s a nice place to grab a quick lunch or snack while riding the rides. Because that’s what this park is about: the rides. My favorites include- the big three; Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain. It’s A Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I can’t wait for the new Dwarf Mine Train Roller Coaster to open!

 Be Our Guest Restaurant


This is the newest restaurant on Disney property, and one of my favorites because BELLE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PRINCESS OF ALL TIME EVER ON THIS PLANET. Just ask my childhood best friend, Sydney. She knows.

The way of getting a table at lunch here is easy; dinner, it’s complicated. For lunch, you will need one member of your party to stand in line in front of the castle about an hour before you want to eat. Then, you stick close, ride some rides around the area, and when the person waiting in line calls you. You.Run.Fast. For lunch, it’s an order and then sit down kinda meal.

For dinner, it’s a whole different experience. If you didn’t make a reservation and want to eat there for dinner, have one member of your party that is extra social (for us it’s my mom, hands down.) and have them go cheese it up with the reservations desk. They put you on a waiting list, but if they like you it goes a little quicker, and then voila. You’re in when someone with your party cancels. Think your chances are slim? They might be if you have 15 people with you. But if you’re a small party of 4-8, you should make it. It takes longer than an hour though. My mom arrived at the reservations desk the minute lunch was over and then when dinner started about an hour and a half later we got in.

Anyway, onward with the food.

When you order at the kiosk, tell the orderer about your allergy, and she/he will pull up a full menu with everything that you can eat on there. Say what you want, she pushes some buttons, mashes allergy right on top of the receipt, and you’re good to go.


Vivian had the fish with vegetables and some sort of applesauce (it wasn’t apples, some other kind of fruit, we could never figure it out. Viv didn’t really like it.)


I had French Onion Soup without the cheese as an appetizer and…


The Carved Turkey Sandwich with Pomme Frites (a fancy way of saying french fries) for my meal.

The taste was just average. A typical fast food type flavor. I would have liked a more nicer experience since it was in Beast’s Castle and all, but it helps so that a lot of people can eat quickly.

Kids Options: 9/10

Adult Options: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Taste of Food: 6/10

Overall Experience: 8/10

Would we recommend? Yes, the experience is one-0f-a-kind. You actually eat in Beast’s Castle, and it’s beautiful! You can even dine in the West Wing, spooky. If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal for the whole family where the younger ones will love, this is it. If you’re wanting a fancy pants meal that takes a while and you get a full experience, I would try another park.

Tortuga Tavern

On our second day in Magic Kingdom, we went to a popular pick for us, Tortuga Tavern. It’s nestled right across the street from Pirates of the Caribbean and before the Flying Carpet ride. It’s a quick service, but a great place for lunch.

Vivian and I talked to the manager (she actually made our meals herself) and a lady with a nut allergy was right behind us, so we bonded while waiting for the food. There was a separate line for those of us with allergies, and everything was made on it’s own so no cross contamination.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t have the tortillas or the salad bowl (they are fried in the same oil as other meals with butter are fried in). But the manager gave a suggestion of tostitos, and we were in. I got a little “salad” with rice and beans, and then there are stations where you can put tomatoes and lettuce on top.


Viv went meat heavy and had some “nachos” with just ground beef. She was happy.

Kids Options: 7/10

Adult Options: 8/10

Service: 10/10

Taste of Food: 10/10

Overall Experience: 9/10

Would we recommend? Yes, but not if you’re a picky eater. We loved it, but basically our only options are rice and beans, meat, and tostito chips. No tortillas at all. And the stations where you can get tomatoes and lettuce have cross contamination possibilities, so beware. But the food tastes great and I just love going there for a quick lunch after riding Pirates.


I do love the snacks at Magic Kingdom though. The popcorn is cooked in coconut oil and is completely vegan (Ms. Mara was super investigator and got deep with the people working the popcorn stand. She had an extra careful look at the ingredients list as well).


We eat popcorn like all Princesses, people.

Aloha Aisle


We also had my favorite ever, like of all time, snack. Orange dole whip with pineapple juice. A whole other kind of float. It’s outta this world. And trust me, I’ve researched all the right stuff and read the ingredients list, we’re safe peeps. But make sure to always check when you go, because who knows when they can change the ingredients. I ask almost every time I go even though I’ve heard the answer a million times: dairy-free. Boom. Love it!


And there ya have it. A full run down of all the Disney parks and where to eat, vacation, and live while at Disney with an allergy. I hope you liked all of our posts and they were informative. I also hope that when you go to Disney on your own, you can go with an easy mind and know that for once in your life, you don’t have to worry about your allergy. The Disney Cast Members and Chefs have your back.

Vivian and I would love to hear about your Disney experience with an allergy in the comments below! Or email us at


P.S. The only picture of my sister (Hannah, on the left) from the entire trip!


Vivian… AKA Cinderella.


Awesome. Awesome. Awesomeness happening on the Dumbo ride. First of all, they’ve opened two! Second of all, while you wait in line for the ride, parents get a beeper and kids get to go play in a giant playhouse for about 15 minutes until the beeper goes off and you get back in line. Absolutely amazing idea. It made the wait so much easier, and shorter.


Viv’s totally cool parents. They rock!


I don’t think Beast’s Castle guarder likes Chip very much!


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    Thank you for your posts! My daughter and I are DF. Our family of 4 is headed to WDW in September and your fun, informative posts are so encouraging! I am looking forward to peeking around your blog more.

    • Hunter @ Vivian & Me says

      How exciting! Your family is going to have an amazing time. It’s such a relief not having to worry about your allergy (or intolerance) for a few days, especially on such a magical vacation. So happy our posts could help! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

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