Fish Shaped Soy Sauce



One of my favorite things to have as a snack or for lunch is cucumbers!

I especially like them when I can dip them in soy sauce.

These little fish soy sauces are a perfect serving size, and they fit inside my lunch box just right.  They are a great alternative to creamy dips like ranch dressing.

You can pick up some of these awesome fish shaped soy sauce packets at World Market.

Meringue Cookies



One thing most people don’t think about is that many cookies and sweet treats have dairy.  Most of them are made with butter, milk, or milk powder.

We are learning to read labels!  Meringue cookies are very easy to find, and they have no dairy in them! Woo hoo!

They taste like a crispy cloud.  We buy them in the bakery section of our grocery store, Publix.

I could eat them all dayyy long. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I bet my mom would never let me do that!)… When all my friends are eating cookies and sweet treats, it’s nice to know I can bring my meringue cookies and enjoy dessert too!

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