Fish Shaped Soy Sauce



One of my favorite things to have as a snack or for lunch is cucumbers!

I especially like them when I can dip them in soy sauce.

These little fish soy sauces are a perfect serving size, and they fit inside my lunch box just right.  They are a great alternative to creamy dips like ranch dressing.

You can pick up some of these awesome fish shaped soy sauce packets at World Market.

Mummy Cupcakes


Cupcakes are by far the hardest dessert to watch other people eat. Like when you go out to dinner with some friends, or your family, and it’s of course concluded with a group dessert buffet (at least it looks like a buffet because they order so much).

“Oh, I wanna try this one!”

“And I wanna try this one!”

“Why don’t you order that and I’ll order this, and we’ll share!!”

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