Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Kale and Black Eyed Peas


Okay, I’ll admit, this might be a more “Mommy and Daddy” type post, but I just had to do it. These sweet potatoes are too good.

In most stuffed sweet potato recipes, they use white beans… but I decided to be a rebel and do it with black eyed peas. Good decision, Hunter. I’m now patting myself on the back because it’s even better with black eyed peas!!


This is the perfect meal for a busy mom to make, because you can just throw the potatoes into the oven and they can bake while you run the kids to soccer practice or piano lessons (am I picturing the movie mom who lives in a house with a white picket fence and three kids that are perfectly behaved and do what all the typical movie families do? Yes, yes I am.)

But I also think these sweet potatoes are a great addition to a family meal and that the kiddos will dig it. Trust me on this one.


I know that I personally like all my veggies mixed up together when I eat them, so I especially love this for that reason.

These stuffed sweet potatoes are perfect to help introduce your kids to different kinds of veggies. Especially if they don’t eat too many greens. Kale is amazing and when it’s cooked, tastes awesome (I like it raw too, but it’s a lot tougher that way).


I’ll say it again, this is just a great recipe to make to accompany a full blown family dinner, but it’s also perfect for a low key night that consists of just mom and dad (I know, I know, you’re always busy. But it’s gotta happen sometime, right?)

On a side note, three days until I leave for Telluride! AHH!

Stuffed Sweet Potato with Kale and Black Eyed Peas
Serves: 4
  • 4 medium sweet potatoes
  • 1 can black eyed peas
  • 4 cups kale
  • ½ cup onion
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Soak the sweet potatoes in a bowl of water for five to ten minutes.
  2. Then wrap the sweet potatoes in tin foil and place on a baking sheet.
  3. Bake them at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes (depends on the size of the potatoes), until they are pretty squishy and soft.
  4. While the sweet potatoes are baking, chop up the onion and kale.
  5. Sautee the onion in the olive oil for about five minutes, or until clear and soft.
  6. Add the chopped up kale and sautee until it's soft, about five minutes.
  7. Add the black eyed peas, salt, and pepper.
  8. When the sweet potatoes are cooled, slice them down the middle and pour the kale and black eyed peas mixture into the middle.
  9. Serve and enjoy :)
On most sweet potato baking recipes, they pierce the potatoes with a fork before baking them. DO NOT DO THAT with these sweet potatoes. I find that piercing them takes longer for them to bake and you lose a lot of the flavor.



  1. Jstory says

    I had steamed and quartered sweet potatoes, kale, and a can of black eyed peas on hand, and wasn’t sure what to do with it so I found this recipe. I just cut the sweet potatoes in chunky size pieces, and followed the recipe. I also added spinach and garlic. Turned out great!

  2. Virginia says

    I had to have soft food only as a surgery prep. I didn’t use the kale, but I did onion, peas, apple sauce and pineapple. I took some of the sweet potato out, mushed all of the ingredients together and put it back in. Great soft meal.

    • Hunter @ Vivian & Me says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the stuffed sweet potatoes! All your additions and changes sound delicious, I’ll have to try them that way. Thanks for the comment!


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