Shaws Booksellers Pub & Eating House: London, England

The Europe adventure continues!


Although I’ve been home for a few weeks now from the big trip to Europe, I still have a few more awesome restaurants/places I went to share with you!

While we were in London, the group was hangry for lunch and couldn’t find a place that would allow under 21 year olds to eat in (it was clearly late afternoon AKA pub beer time with the co-workers) so we wandered through Harry Potter-esque cobbled streets until we found the place. The most perfect place to have our wonderful English lunch.

We went to London towards the end of our trip so we were no longer feeling the traditional European fare. When we stumbled upon Shaws Booksellers we were delighted to eat in a traditional looking pub for lunch that allowed kiddos and offered organic and allergy friendly meals (thumbs up!).


Our meal was yummy. Vivian and I talked to the waitress about our allergies and she went straight to the chefs to see what they could do. We were extremely excited to learn that their ham and pea soup of the day was dairy-free!

Vivian loves her some soup.

I ordered hummus; oh how I was craving some good ole’ hummus after my pomodoro pasta diet in Italy and club sandwich diet in France. It was so good I forgot I was in England for a moment.


For my meal I opted for the lentil salad. I had to make a few changes to the original menu item but it turned out equally as delicious. Vivian had the burger without the bun and potatoes, and she loved it.

Our experience was so special that my dad asked if the chefs would come out and see us for a picture to put on our blog and they kindly obliged. So we got the cool shot that you saw above! How nice of them.


I totally recommend Shaws Booksellers for an authentic English meal with a twist near St. Paul’s Cathedral that offers fresh, organic fare and a really unique meal experience. They specialize in more of a middle eastern type food but still offer the traditional meals as well.

The perfect combination for families with picky eaters.


To find out more about Shaws Booksellers Pub & Eating House visit their website or stop by the restaurant:

Shaws Booksellers
31-34 St. Andrew’s Hill

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