Restaurant Eating with an Allergy: Dallas, Texas


Hi peeps! I love this time of the week. Everything’s winding down and you’re gearing up for a fun weekend. I wanted to share with you the restaurants I ate at while I was in Dallas, Texas last week. Dallas hands down wins on best overall service for someone with an allergy. There wasn’t one restaurant that wasn’t knowledgable on my specific allergy and how to serve me. It was absolutely wonderful. If you’re planning a relaxed trip and want to go somewhere where you don’t have to worry about your daughter/son eating out, then I would highly recommend visiting Dallas. The restaurants not only provided great service, but also had delicious food and a beautiful environment. Dallas is a winner!



Our first stop on the food tour of Dallas (hehe, I take eating very seriously). The atmosphere was totally cool. Lot of peace sign meditating hippies, my kinda people, and very easy going wait staff.

Our waitress was awesome about explaining all the ingredients and every little thing that has dairy or doesn’t. She also thanked me for telling her ahead of time, I love it when that happens.

The food tasted like it came straight off a magazine’s cover. It was fresh and wholesome.


Lucky’s Cafe


Lucky’s resulted from listening to a man for an hour lead us into a circle of no hope and hangry pains. I will not name who *cough Jordin cough* but we somehow ended up at this amazing diner thanks to the women of the car. Ladies rule.

Lucky’s was a local haven. We found it around lunch time when all the business peoples were taking their lunch break. The atmosphere was top of the notch cool. As you can see, it’s like retro diner with retro food with retro service. I loved it.

And their wheat buns were dairy free. You’ve never lived until you’ve had Lucky’s wheat buns.


Mi Cocina


Ay rico! Mi Cocina is fancy mexicano decor with a traditional menu. To me, nothing is better. Their food was delectable, and we could see the kitchen from our table. It was authentic to the max. With award-winning guacamole and outstanding service, I give Mi Cocina an A+++.

When we ordered, the waiter said that the enchilada sauce didn’t have dairy, and then when he brought he meal he said it actually did so he brought out a different sauce that he loved and he thought would go great with the enchiladas. I lie a man who can order for me. Gracias, Mi Cocina.


Cane Rosso


We found this pizza place after a long day of walking around a golf course all hot and sweaty. We were starving, and they offered fake cheese. It was a perfect match.

They were closing basically 5 minutes after we got there, but let us order anyway. They have this seriously intense brick oven that cooks the pizza at an insanely fast pace. The pizza was sooo good. And the apps were delicious.

I know you’ve probably seen those sugary sticks (from below) already. If you’re anything like me, an allergy person can always spot the dessert. And we can eat it! yay hay! They were like dough sticks rubbed through a big bowl of powdered sugar. Zip zap yum.


Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

I shared this restaurant in it’s own post since it was where I rang it my 21st birfday. Booyah. You can read it here.


Lyfe Kitchen


Our last stop in Dallas was this great (chain !!!) restaurant called Lyfe Kitchen. Remember that post when I was in LA at that vegan restaurant? Well this restaurants vegan menu was developed by the owner of that restaurant. Woop. Right when you enter there’s a quote about food, and there’s 4 different menus ranging from vegan to gluten-free.

It was amazing.

You go up to the counter and order, so it’s more casual of a restaurant, but I loved it. They have cool drinks and dairy-free milkshakes of the day. It was like a tastebud excitement party for me. YUM YUM! And the service was great, too!


Websites and Addresses

And there’s my trip for you! I hope it wasn’t too collage-y. I hope this guide helps you when you’re visiting D-town you’ll be set for a wonderful experience all around. Here are the websites and addresses of each restaurant.

Malai Kitchen
3699 McKinney Avenue #319
Dallas, TX 75204
Tel: (214)599-7857

Lucky’s Cafe 
3531 Oak Lawn
Dallas, TX 75219
Tel: (214)522-3500
(214) 522-3567 fax

Mi Cocina 
3699 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
Tel: (469)533-5663

Cane Rosso 
2612 Commerce Street #101
Dallas, TX 75226
Tel: (214)741-1188

Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck  
300 Reunion Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75202
Tel: (214)741-5560

Lyfe Kitchen 
3699 Mckinney Ave. Ste. A-221
Dallas, TX 75204
Tel: (214)526-5933


  1. Amy C. says

    Loved all these places and feeling like every “normal” person that was eating in these establishments as well. Thank You Dallas for catering to us in a non-catering way…..because it was just so natural in Dallas to not eat dairy or gluten or whatever else we couldn’t eat!

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