The Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project

Happy Monday! If you're anything like me and always want to channel your pre-teen days, then you've currently got the new Taylor Swift album blasting. If that is a yes, which let's be real here, it probably is if you're reading this blog. Then we totally understand each other. Soulmates, you and me. I can't believe Halloween is in a few days! This weekend in my little cutesy coastal town we celebrated with a tradition my mom's school, Ohana … Read more

Candy Corn Milkshake


Candy corn, in a milkshake, on an allergy-friendly blog, what? Yes, you're right. It's glorious. Look at that creamy milky (but not) shake-y numminess seeping out of the sides of that gorgeous borderline overflowing mason jar. Come to momma. I love simplicity in the form of a drink that will give me a great sugar kick and a happy day. If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll already know that I had the best day ever yesterday. Complete … Read more

Lunchbox Monday: The Creepy-Crawly Chatter Box

Halloween Lunchbox Ideas!

Are you scared? Halloween is getting closer! As the festivities begin and pumpkin carving starts and cobwebs are hung and graves are dug, bringing a creepy-crawly chatter lunchbox to school only makes sense. Ant infested mandarin oranges and peaches, slimy pickles, pasta from the dead, and chatterbox apple sandwiches are the epitome of a spooky Halloween themed lunchbox! This box is perfect for the "cool" teen in your family that just wants … Read more

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta with Turkey Sausage


Say hello to a big ole' bowl of comfort. Right in your face. Hi there. Fall is my favorite time to get those skills, whatever skills I think I have, cooking and find my niche in the fall (COMFORT) food arena. Yah. I think this pasta might become a staple in my small list of approved recipes. It was even approved by one of my picky eater friends. When he likes something I make, it feels like I've just ran through the finish line of the … Read more

Coast: Grayton Beach, Florida

Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

If you have ever been to the Panhandle, more specifically 30A, you've probably heard of a little restaurant in Rosemary Beach called Summer Kitchen. It's basically the food I grew up on in the town I've called home since I was 9 years old. My sister eats four meals a week there, and many of our friends have secret orders named after them. It's the place where moments in life have happened and wonderful memories have been made. The owners of … Read more

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts

When you take a huge bite out of this brown sugar and sweet potato cupcake with the maple frosting and meringue ghost on top you will taste a peep. Like those ones you find in your Easter basket. It's a homemade peep. I'm serious. I'm going to straight up tell you that Halloween isn't a super me type holiday. It's basically a pre-cursor for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my go-to holidays, and so I never get pumped for Halloween. But it's … Read more

Lunchbox Monday: The Autumn Box


So I like this thing. It's called autumn. We're pretty tight. It lets me make caramel, and gives me apples, and butternut squash soup, cinnamon toast, and lots of fancy trail nuts. Let's just go ahead and call us BFF's. It's official. No but seriously, can I just use this here blog to only talk about autumn for the rest of autumn and how cool it is and, oh my gosh I gotta calm down. Please tell me you understand my insane in the membrane … Read more

Restaurant Eating with an Allergy: Dallas, Texas


Hi peeps! I love this time of the week. Everything's winding down and you're gearing up for a fun weekend. I wanted to share with you the restaurants I ate at while I was in Dallas, Texas last week. Dallas hands down wins on best overall service for someone with an allergy. There wasn't one restaurant that wasn't knowledgable on my specific allergy and how to serve me. It was absolutely wonderful. If you're planning a relaxed trip and want to go … Read more

Maple Bacon & Blueberry Sweet Potato Hash

Maple Bacon & Blueberry Sweet Potato Hash

I don't know what possessed me to put blueberries in this hash, but it was the best decision I've ever made. It's like the combo of the crunchy sweet potato and then the pop of the juice blueberries, hello. I know blueberries are almost out of style for the season, but grab those last few boxes and get kickin'. It's like fresh summer meets fall and creates the perfect moment of bliss and perfection in a breakfast hash. It's like you stumble … Read more