Fresh Berries with a Lemon Honey Mint Dressing


I can't even. Me. Drooling. Right now. Berries. I'm currently daydreaming of those warm summer days, sand in my feet, the ocean breeze. Um, to be honest, I don't even like the beach. But daydreaming of the beach? That I love. And I also love this "salad". Fresh berries mixed with a tangy lemon honey (and mint!) dressing, and topped with sugar cookie crumbs... yummmm. Let me repeat: sugar.cookie.crumbs. You know, berries are the perfect … Read more

Crunchy Cinnamon Snails


Don't even try to tell me that these don't look like little snails. How cute. During the spontaneous recipe naming party I was having (haha, isn't it funny how whenever you cook, friends just happen to "stop by"?) my friend Maddie came up with the name Cinnamon Snails, because for real, they look like cute little snails. I originally set out to make cinnamon rolls, but by using some leftover pizza dough they became crunchy, which actually … Read more

Healthy Vegan Mac and ‘Cheese’


Confession: my pre-non-dairy days were consumed with a lot of Boston Market mac and cheese. Those swirly little noodles coated in the cheesy sauce that tasted like they'd been combined for hours just soaking each other up... I had a lot of that. And I loved every minute of it. Until about an hour later when I would rush to the bathroom with a stomach ache that hurt worse that anything. So when I made this mac and 'cheese', without any of the … Read more

S’mores Pancakes


This post was written by Hunter's sister, Hannah. Photos by Hunter.  Two words: s’mores pancakes! Sounds delicious, right? Just imagine the gooey chocolate and the sweet taste of marshmallows melted with graham crackers... YUM! Well what if I told you they were dairy-free? (and nut-free, and can be made gluten-free; read below*) That’s right! Dairy-free s’mores pancakes! I was really feeling this one. I thought, “Oh man! S’mores pancakes? … Read more

Fresh Rainbow Hummus & Pesto Sandwich


Drew Barrymore totally just inspired me. And not by something that you would think Ms. Barrymore would inspire me by. Acting? Nope. Producing? Nope. Her new makeup line? No. All of that seriously does make me excited though, because I love her. I mean, who doesn't? … Read more

Sixth & Pine: Salt Lake City, Utah


So Nordstrom's has this really nice restaurant inside their stores, called Sixth & Pine. The food is incredible, but getting there with an allergy wasn't so easy. I've been traveling for a little over a month now, and since I've been eating out often I've noticed that restaurants are really getting the gluten free allergy down. They now have GF next to tons of their foods on the menu, and seem to be very knowledgable on all things gluten … Read more

New Year’s Day Lucky Cornbread

New Year's Corn Bread

I seemed to have taken a small sabbatical from blogging this week. It was certainly not my intention.. I just simply decided to be present and enjoy my time here in Telluride with friends and family. And boy has it been wonderful (GoPro videos are a comin')! I've snowboarded almost every day and truly enjoyed this time to relax and have fun. I've also caught up on my Parenthood and Downton Abbey episodes. Woo hoo! This Christmas and New … Read more

Simple French Toast with Caramelized Bananas


I'm feeling the post-Christmas daze. You know what I'm talking about... those few days in between Christmas and New Year's when you're still full from all the food, family is running around, the presents are opened and being thoroughly used, and there's lots of cooking. I mean, lots of lots of lots of cooking. So here's a super simple French toast recipe that might just be the perfect breakfast to feed the cousins and aunts and uncles and … Read more