Meet Charlotte!

Hi There Blogosphere World! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. But I do have a really really really good reason…

Charlotte the Mini Sheepadoodle

I got a sweet puppy! Her name is Charlotte Belle and she’s a miniature sheepadoodle.

AKA a mix between an old english sheepdog and a poodle.

I got to pick her up last Sunday and she came all the way from Texas!

Charlotte the Mini Sheepadoodle

She’s basically the coolest little soul I’ve ever met and I’m so in love with her already.

Who knows, you might see her around Vivian & Me once in a while!

Charlotte the Mini Sheepadoodle

So this is the reason I’ve been a little sketchy with my posts lately.

I’ve just been preparing for her and am now enjoying her!

She’s a total blast and I can’t wait to share more of her with you as she grows.

Charlotte the Mini Sheepadoodle

Thanks for bearing with me, and I’ve got some awesome new posts coming up soon!



    • Hunter @ Vivian & Me says

      Thanks Maciej! She is from Angelic Doodles. You can check out her website at

      I can’t recommend Stacy enough! If you reach out to her, tell her Charlotte and Hunter sent you :)

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