Maggiano’s: Boston


My parents started a school a few years ago called Ohana Institute. It’s a pretty amazing 5th-12th grade accredited private school, and you should for sure check it out.

I graduated from Ohana two years ago, and work there as a teacher’s assistant now. And Vivian is too young to go to Ohana (yet). But my younger sister, Hannah, and Viv’s two older sisters, Anne Margaret and Evelyn, attend.


One AWESOME part of being at Ohana is that the students take experiential learning trips twice a year. One in the fall, and one in the spring. The trips always align with what they are learning in history. Lucky for me, I always get to tag along, and so does Viv!

The last two years we’ve gotten to go all around Europe and this year the students are learning American History, so we are touring America. This fall we traveled to Virginia, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.


While in Europe, it was definitely hard for me to eat because of the language barriers. I would find myself starving after three days of eating only bread or plain pasta until I finally figured out how to communicate my dietary needs.

So even though I knew we’d be traveling in the states, I worried because this would be Vivian’s first school trip without dairy. I didn’t want her to go hungry, or get upset by all the other kids eating the same thing that looked really yummy but she couldn’t have it.


Thankfully, it went great! All of the meals were planned meticulously and every place we went to Vivian and I had OPTIONS! Can you believe it? Having a dairy intolerance and getting options while traveling is pretty sweeeet.

But by far our favorite meal on the trip was when we went to a chain restaurant called Maggiano’s. Anyone ever heard of it?

The scariest word I hear when eating out is CHAIN, because a lot of time that means that the food is already pre-prepared and ready to cook, so they can’t make many changes for someone with an allergy. But that’s not the case at Maggiano’s.

We went in Boston, and they were excellent. They knew ahead of time that there were two dairy allergies and one gluten allergy (our friend, Ms. Scotti, who was traveling with us and her family, is allergic to gluten)

We got our own chef who cooked on completely separate stoves with our own appliances and everything so there was no way of cross contamination. And we got to choose whatever we’d like to eat off the menu. It was great!

Ms. Scotti had gluten free pasta with veggies, Vivian had pasta with marinara sauce, and I had spaghetti with clams. All gluten and dairy free.


It tasted yummy, yummy, yummy and our chef even came out to check on us multiple times and made sure we liked the food. He even gave us his business card and told us to call him whenever we are visiting Boston and he will make us something really special if he knows we are coming ahead of time. So anyone with an allergy that is going to Boston, definitely call up Marcelo Dutra at Maggiano’s in Boston for great service that will fit all your allergy needs!


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