Lunchbox Monday: The Autumn Box


So I like this thing. It’s called autumn. We’re pretty tight. It lets me make caramel, and gives me apples, and butternut squash soup, cinnamon toast, and lots of fancy trail nuts. Let’s just go ahead and call us BFF’s. It’s official.

No but seriously, can I just use this here blog to only talk about autumn for the rest of autumn and how cool it is and, oh my gosh I gotta calm down.

Please tell me you understand my insane in the membrane when fall/autumn comes. Yayay. And what’s better?

Taking a lunchbox to school with all things fall inside of it!

You’re so cool. You’re so awesome. You know it.


I’ve got this in my head that I have to wear plaid shirts only before halloween, and this renewed sense of happy happy cooking all day yippee kayee.

I’ve also got this whole, “nothing in my life is overwhelming” calmness thing going on and I love it.

I’ve got like major school assignments to do and lots of blog writing and video editing and I’m like, “good in the hood, yo.”

It’s weird. But it works.


Can we puhlease talk about how good this lunchbox looks/tastes?

I used the awesome Imagine vegan organic butternut squash soup and topped it with some cinnamon, easy breezy beautiful (covergirlll) trail mix packets, cinnamon toast, and apples with this super amazing almond milk caramel sauce from Oh, Ladycakes.



I’d be like, “hey ya’ll, check out me and my AUTUMN BOX reppin’ the weather.”

I’d be the coolest kid in school. I’d have the lunchbox of dreams, frolicking with my deep red fall nails (with glitter accents, thankyaverymuch) and my favorite friends on either side sporting similar autumn lunch boxes. Yeah yeah.

Can you do that for me? It would make my day.

My life.

My year.

Go for it. Autumn forevaaa!


Lunchbox Monday: The Autumn Box
  1. Line the large lunchbox compartment with two layers of saran wrap (or just use a thermos to ensure no spillage). Heat the butternut squash soup over medium heat until warm and pour into the compartment. Top with cinnamon.
  2. Spread Earth Balance over the bread slices, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top, and toast in the toaster until crispy. Place in the other large compartment.
  3. Pour the caramel sauce into one of the smaller compartment (if your container leaks, line it with saran wrap as well).
  4. Place the apples into another container and the trail mix into the last compartment.
  5. Take to lunch and wow all your friends with your delicious and nutritious lunchbox!


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