HUSK: Nashville, Tennessee


Farm-to-table is the bomb dot com. First of all, it’s a problem that every restaurant ISN’T farm-to-table. But, for those ones that really advertise it and make it a priority, I am giving you a massive applause right now.

During the McKenzie and Hunter road trip through the southeast, we tried to eat at restaurants that were out of our comfort zone, but also really served us easily with our food allergies. While I have just the dairy allergy, McKenzie cannot eat dairy or gluten. We tried to choose restaurants that were fresh so that we knew the food would be made to order, meaning we could make any necessary changes.

When we found HUSK, we were beyond pumped. It’s located right up the road from Honky Tonk Central, kind of in it’s own little suburb while still being in the city. It’s in a house, which is adorable. We ate lunch there, but it seemed to have a really popular nightlife too with a huge bar (for the mommies and daddies).


From such an early age, my parents took me out to all types of restaurants, ranging anywhere from quick and simple to fancy and nice. I think it’s amazing to have been given the opportunity to learn how to behave in public settings and just getting used to eating out at restaurants, especially those on the more “fancier” side, at a young age. What I loved about HUSK was that lunch seemed to be their slower time, with just a few business meetings and couples eating, and multiple rooms to sit in. So the atmosphere is super comfortable and private, which would be perfect to bring the kiddos for a nice lunch where they (and you, mama!) can test the surroundings.

And for that, it’s a great lunch spot if you ask me!

The service was excellent. Our waiter was extremely nice and helpful. He went back to the kitchen four times to check on our food and make sure everything was cooked separately and safe from any allergens. The chefs were amazing as well. They had to change some ingredients around but were totally willing to do whatever it took to get us what we wanted.


I ordered the vegetable plate and it was absolutely delicious. The beans were my favorite, they had a smoky/barbecue flavor. YUM. And then I had some other veggies and a poached egg with polenta, all completely dairy-free.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it again. So, so good!

McKenzie ordered the roast beef plate with veggies and potatoes. She loveddd hers as well.


Party in my mouth.

Everything was so fresh and the way they cooked the food really brought out the incredible flavors. It felt like it was all picked that morning and then cooked right up.

Which it probably was.

Overall we had a wonderful experience. I would absolutely recommend HUSK while you’re in Nashville (they also have one in Charleston!). Lunch is the perfect time to go because it’s quiet so you can get really great one-on-one service to make sure that your food is prepared just the way you need it to be, while still being delectable.

I give HUSK a 10 all the way! Yummy yummy in my tummy!


If you’d like more information about HUSK, visit their website here.

Or if you just want to go now… follow this address:

37 Rutledge St.
Nashville, TN 37210


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