Five Halloween Tips for Kids with Food Allergies

Happy Halloween!


Today is the day you’ve all been dreading waiting for, as your child straps on their costume and heads off for a day filled with candy, fun, and unfortunately some things you can’t protect him/her from!

Yes, I’m talking to you mom. Sounds pretty scary, huh? I’m sure it feels even scarier. That’s why I have written five tips to help you navigate Halloween with your food allergic child so that they are safe and so that you yourself can even enjoy the holiday!

Maybe. Just a teensy bit?

1. Make a fun costume that doubles into protective gear for your child. If your child is contact allergic, make sure to include gloves so they can enjoy the experience without worrying about having a contact reaction.

Here are some easy do-it-yourself costumes to ensure your child is covered to help avoid any contamination:

Elsa Costume (just add white gloves) from a Pumpkin and a Princess


Lightning Bolt from Parenting Magazine


Black Cat (just add black gloves) from Do It Yourself Diva

clara kitty1

Rocketman Suit (just add white gloves) from Real Simple Magazine


What A Hoot Owl from Parenting Magazine


Beekeeper from Martha Stuart


 2. Give neighbors safe treats in advance. Your neighbors will be happy to help make an enjoyable experience for your child if you give them the treats you want them to give your child during trick or treating.  This way your kiddo stays safe and your neighbor doesn’t have to worry, and in return you won’t have to worry either.



3. Make sure to carry emergency medicine with you all day, just in case. Obviously you hope there won’t be a reaction, but you never know, and so it’s important to bring any and all medicine you (cross-your-fingers) won’t need.

EpiPen Labels Big


4. Bring your own safe treats while out trick-or-treating. This way you can easily swap out trick-or-treating candy with your child so they can still enjoy the experience. This is also a great time to give your child food treats they love that you know are safe, such as YumEarth Organics or Enjoy Life Foods.



5. If you’re too worried about doing the trick-or-treating, come up with another fun activity for your child on Halloween. Go see a movie, have a slumber party, do a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood looking for safe treats, or throw a big allergy-friendly party at your house. Do whatever you need to do on this holiday to keep your child safe and you happy, because that’s what it’s all about!


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