College Eating: Ole Miss

I had the awesome opportunity to go with my dad to Mississippi for a conference he was doing. I was really, really excited to go because that meant I would see one of my bestest friends, McKenzie!

We have known each other since she was 11 and I was 13. We were homeschooled together and were the first two students at my parent’s school, Ohana Institute. Now McKenzie goes to Ole Miss, and loves it there!

I’m sure many of you have siblings, kids, relatives, or just friends that are in college, and when you visit them, it might be hard to find food to eat while in a new place. So I decided to document my meals at Ole Miss to show you guys some great places you can eat at this college, even with your allergy!


My cousin, Jordan (who came on the trip with us), and I picked up McKenzie from the student union after her morning math class and headed out to brunch. Our first stop was the BBB – Big Bad Breakfast:


Jordan claims he had the best breakfast ever! (He got the Creole Skillet, which looked delicious, but would not serve anyone with an allergy! Haha)


Fun Fact: McKenzie is also allergic* to dairy and gluten!

menubbb veggieskillet2

Our server at the BBB was super friendly and nice. When McKenzie and I told her about our allergies*, she made sure to write it all down and tell the chef, turns out she also has food allergies!


We tried the Vegetarian Skillet (Mack got some sausage on the side, ironic much?)

It was so tasty; filled with potatoes, scrambled eggs, spinach, peppers, and onions. Completely dairy and gluten free.


Definitely hit up the BBB for some awesome breakfast in Oxford, Mississippi!

After brunch, Mack toured us around the campus, showed us her dorm, and then we met up with the rest of the group for lunch at Ajax, located in The Square.


I just wanted a veggie plate since I had such a large breakfast.

The dairy-free options they had were: black-eyed peas, broccoli, cucumber salad, and french fries.


Great country feel, not too many options for an allergen-friendly meal. But, worth it if you’re not too hungry!

The main reason we were all in Oxford was to go to an Honors College Q and A with Dr. Bill Bennett, who works with my dad.


McKenzie got a front row seat, “Mom and Dad, look at what I’m doing in college! Hanging with the smart kids!”


Isn’t that the face of a genius?!


Here’s my cousin and I in front of Ole Miss’s Lyceum


McKenzie and I in front of the Lyceum!

We walked around campus some more and then went to High Point Coffee to get some drinks and say our goodbyes – until Thanksgiving McKenzie! Love you!


And I had this life-changingly amazing chai tea with soymilk from High Point. In case you don’t know, I live for chai’s!


Jordan and I then drove the hour back to our hotel in Tupelo, MS, to meet up with the rest of our group for dinner at Park Heights (High Point, Park Heights? This state doesn’t even have hills!)


I highly recommend the Ahi Tuna dish. It’s usually served with wheat noodles, but because of my allergy*, I got white rice. The plum soy sauce was to die for!

Overall, I had a great time in Mississippi and was surprised by how easy it was to eat on and around campus. Everyone was very kind, knowledgable on our allergies, and extremely helpful.

So to all of you who are planning on visiting Ole Miss, not to worry, you will have a great time, and you’ll be full when you leave :)



*Technically I am not allergic to dairy, just highly sensitive. I do say I am allergic at restaurants so that there’s no risk of having dairy in my meal. But if you are truly allergic, eating out is risky and needs to be taken seriously. Always check with the server multiple times when ordering so that he truly understands what your allergy is and what precautions need to be taken when cooking your food. It is also highly recommended to call ahead to any restaurant you are going to and let them know about your allergy and if it’s possible for them to accommodate you.


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