Coast: Grayton Beach, Florida

Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

If you have ever been to the Panhandle, more specifically 30A, you’ve probably heard of a little restaurant in Rosemary Beach called Summer Kitchen. It’s basically the food I grew up on in the town I’ve called home since I was 9 years old. My sister eats four meals a week there, and many of our friends have secret orders named after them. It’s the place where moments in life have happened and wonderful memories have been made.

The owners of Summer Kitchen, James and Miriam Dillon, have just opened a new restaurant in Grayton Beach called Coast, and we’ll follow them anywhere. Coast has delicious, fresh food with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, great service, and one of our favorite chefs in the world. What I love about Summer Kitchen, that I can order anything and I know exactly what ingredients are in it, translates to Coast as well. I asked about two menu items; the crab and corn spring rolls and the seafood stew, and both were dairy-free. Yippee!

Needless to say, ordering was a breeze. There are tons of amazing seafood, chicken, and beef dishes on the menu with a wide variety while still sticking to the “coast” theme.

Crab & Corn Spring Rolls at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

The chef, Chris, makes the best french fries on.the.planet. No joke, we went through 3 orders. #dedication.

The appetizers were soo good. The crab & corn spring rolls were to die for, and the sweet potato hummus was delectable (just don’t eat the pita, it has yogurt in it!).

The Best French Fries on 30A!

Salad at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

Sweet Potato Hummus at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

Mussels at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

For our meals, my sister ordered chicken with a salsa verde sauce, my mom and I had seafood stew with coconut lemongrass tomato sauce, and my dad had the steak.

If you’re a wine lover, my parents also enjoyed a wonderful bottle of Italian wine. I won’t go into the name because I’m sure I’d mess something up, just ask for what Allen would like ;)

Chicken Dish at Coast

Seafood Stew at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

Steak at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

The entrees were delicious and had very distinctive flavors. I especially loved the spiciness of my dish.

Lemon Coconut Pie at Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

For dessert, my parents split coconut lemon pie and banana pudding. The coconut lemon pie was amazing they said! Unfortunately, the allergy friendly desserts were nilch, but they did have berries. It’s always nice to have an option of something.

Coast in Grayton Beach, Florida

Coast is a beautiful, enchanting, and lively restaurant that I can’t wait to see grow and evolve in the years to come. I feel extremely safe and taken care of when eating there with an allergy. The waiter immediately checked with the chef on all the ingredients in each dish, and let me know of any items that came to the table containing dairy.

I highly recommend trying it out next time you’re visiting our beautiful beaches. Trust me, you’ll be in for a huge treat!

Visit Coast at their website or call them at 850-231-3002.
50 Uptown Circle, #1
Grayton Beach, FL 32459

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