Catch Ya Later, 2014

2014 Vivian and Me

2014 Vivian and Me2014 has been a special year for Vivian & Me. Filled with many firsts, new adventures, lots of yummy recipes, and just having fun. We’re so thankful to all of you that enjoy our little spot on the web, and we have many exciting things to come! We hope that we have inspired you to live your life to the fullest even with a food allergy and that you feel supported through our posts.

2014 is going out with a bang, and 2015 is going to rock your socks! This is only the beginning. Thank you for being a part of it.

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Grandma’s Corn Pudding



Welcome to the week of Grandma Miriam’s recipes! (Well, technically not the whole week, just two posts worth)

This past weekend I was trying to think of what to make this week, and I was just creatively stumped. So I decided to pull out some of my Grandmother’s old cookbooks from church, friends, family members, etc….. and my goodness, she had written down a lot of tasty recipes!

The two that really interested me and sounded awesome (and were super easy to make dairy-free) were this corn pudding and an apple cake recipe that I will be posting very soon ;)

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Worms in Dirt




I’m so excited about this post. Not just because of the recipe, but also because of these awesome photographs! I feel like I’ve had a major food photography breakthrough with these babies. They look beautiful!

Anyway, I love worms in dirt. Like seriously, they make my soul happy. The gummy worms mixed with the pudding, “cream cheese” and chocolate cream cookies… yum.

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White Chicken Chili



I have a story to tell you.

It was a crisp October day, Halloween, about six years ago. I decided to dress up with my friend. She wore a gorilla suit, I wore a chicken suit (this is beside the point, just a minor detail) and we went to visit my aunt and uncle who were throwing a Halloween party for all us kids. My aunt had decorations hung everywhere and music going, and awesome food. So much food.

Now, this was before I decided to listen to my body and stop all the dairy problems I had; so I was eating dairy and meat.

My aunt made this wonderful white chicken chili. It was the absolute best tasting soup/chili I have ever had. I loved, loved, loved it.

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Pumpkin Pie with Chocolate Drizzle



Thanksgiving is almost here!!! Thanksgiving is almost here!

Which means two things:

1. Foods comas, lots of em’.

2. I can start listening to my Taylor Swift Christmas album with no shame!

*(Not that I feel any shame from listening to it in July, it’s just that it’s more socially acceptable to wait until November/December to blast “Last Christmas” while I’m cruising down the road, if ya know what I mean)*

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Veggie & Turkey Sausage Breakfast Wreath



Well, I don’t know about you guys, but we are officially celebrating the holidays where I am. Christmas music, lights everywhere, trees galore, and awesome late night popcorn by the fire with my favorite green blanket (sorry, Hannah). Oh yeah, welcome to the holiday season.

Woo! It’s exciting!

And you know what goes perfect with the holidays? A breakfast wreath!

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yummy, yum, yum. That’s all I’m saying.

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown “Butter” Sage Sauce



For those of you who haven’t met my parents before, they are pretty awesome people.

They are very determined and focused and passionate about whatever they are doing. So, shockingly, that same mindset wouldn’t change even when they find out that they both have to completely alter their diet to stay healthy for years to come.

Of course my parents, the sometimes stubborn and completely committed people that they are, go into their new diets with brute force and a “let’s get this done” attitude.

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Super Duper Allergy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies



In case you haven’t picked up on my excitement about these cookies based on the title of this recipe… I’m SUPER DUPER excited!

I knew when we started this blog that one of the very first recipes we had to put up were chocolate chip cookies. And not just any chocolate chip cookies; I’m talking chocolate chip cookies free of dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, nuts, and soy… All the things normal chocolate chip cookies are full of!

(Did I say chocolate chip cookies enough?)

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