Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Kale and Black Eyed Peas



Okay, I’ll admit, this might be a more “Mommy and Daddy” type post, but I just had to do it. These sweet potatoes are too good.

In most stuffed sweet potato recipes, they use white beans… but I decided to be a rebel and do it with black eyed peas. Good decision, Hunter. I’m now patting myself on the back because it’s even better with black eyed peas!!

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Fresh Apple Cake with Eggless Eggnog Frosting



Well is that title a mouthful or what? But that’s only because this cake is… a mouthful of deliciousness!

Hold the front door! 

Not to put down all my other posts, but this cake is hands down at the top of my list for favorite recipes. It’s kind of like a pake (pie & cake). It’s chewy and chunky like a pie, but fluffy and light like a cake! How does it get any better than that? And the eggless eggnog frosting, I can’t even. There’s just so much deliciousness wrapped up in one cake.

Also, this continues the week of Grandma’s cookbook recipes (who liked the corn pudding?)

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