Lunchbox Monday: The Breakfast Box


Warning: this lunchbox is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and can’t-keep-your-pants-on-so-let’s-party flavorful! Consumers of this lunchbox might be so excited to eat it that they just can’t stop dancing. Viewer discretion is advised. 


Happy Monday! We are starting off fresh here on Vivian & Me with a new post series called Lunchbox Monday! I’m so excited to share with you some great and extra delicious lunchbox ideas each Monday to add to your weekly school lunchbox repertoire. I encourage you to try these lunchbox ideas even if you don’t have an allergy, because trust me, they pack a punch!

I’ve decided to start off strong with one of my favorites: the breakfast box. Because who doesn’t love breakfast for lunch?

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Beef & Polenta Cannelloni + The Pyrenees Mountains



Polenta? In canneloni? You say whaaat?

Ignore those internal forces of yours questioning what on earth you’re doing and just do it (swoosh). Put the polenta in the meat.


While I was traveling this summer with my family and Vivian’s family, we were super lucky to be able to stay in some beautiful homes, which is a change for us. But, considering that I needed to cook for all you people on the interwebs, it was a welcomed and exciting adventure. We rented this beautiful house in the literal middle of nowhere: aka an hour from Lourdes, a large skiing town at the edge of the Pyrenees Mountains.

We were there for a friend’s wedding and decided to stay in a little farmhouse outside of town instead of one of the hotels, and what an experience we had.

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Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas


Hello chicken ench. How gorgeous do you look today?


I kind of go through phases with food. For weeks on end I’ll crave only chicken tortilla soup and enchiladas, then I’ll switch to tagliatelle with tomato sauce and chicken fingers (random, I know) and finally I’ll settle on french fries and vegan banana pancakes, my usual go-to cravings.

As you can tell though, I am currently in the enchilada phase.

Like any person who has an allergy will understand, you’re always searching for that “creaminess” in food, something that you very rarely have. When I eat out, I order salsa verde chicken enchiladas a lot, and they are beautifully tender and flavorful and delicious. But it’s always missing the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth taste that queso gives you.

And then I found this vegan queso recipe from Side of Sneakers blog, and it basically changed my vegan queso craving little life. I thought about adjusting the recipe to make it my own, but sometimes you just gotta let someone else have it. And she’s got it.


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Breakfast Pops



I’m not a breakfast eater, but I’d eat one of these for breakfast every morning in a heartbeat.

Creamy dairy-free yogurt, colorful fruit loops, and juicy fresh fruit makes for a wholesome, grab-and-go, perfect breakfast to ring in the new school year. Hop on that bus your first day of school with a breakfast pop in hand and someone will come up to you and be like,

“can I try that?”

And you’ll be like, “sure, here.”

And she/he will try a bite and be like, “that’s the best breakfast ever! I want my mom to make that for me!”

And then you’ll be best friends for the next ten or so years, sharing breakfast pops every morning.

You’re welcome.

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The Lemonade Bar: Homemade Lemonade 5 Different Ways



Nothin’ says summer quite like a big ole glass of ice cold lemonade. You know what I mean, when the only thing that can really cool you down after a hot day out in the sun is a popsicle or lemonade. They are basically the epitome of summer if you ask me.

I’ve been wanting to try to make infused lemonades for a while now. The idea started when I found some dried lavender at a local health food store. And when I realized how easy it was to make really delicious homemade lemonade, I wanted to try other flavors, and on and on and on, until I came up with these five different lemonades.

Now that we’re entering the official hot season of summer, July and August, make one of these to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated while you’re out having summer fun!

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Refreshing Mango & Lime Juice Popsicles



I don’t really know anything better than a hot summer day by the pool slurping on fast-melting popsicles. I love how sometimes when it’s so hot (especially being a Florida girl) all I can really have to quench my thirst is a super cold and delicious concoction of frozen fruit juice.

Popsicles have really “taken off” as the “cool summer snack” in the last few years, so I’ve loved being able to play around with different types of flavors and make popsicles that are such big hits with my favorite little people (and big people too!).

Recently, my cousins were visiting (how cute are they?) and were looking for a snack after swimming in the pool all morning. I brought out these mango and lime juice popsicles and Gabriela basically devoured one in about five minutes flat. I filled some of the popsicle molds only half way, and that was the perfect size for Gabs to eat it all before it melted.

Seconds, anyone?

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Peach & Prosciutto Pizza




So hey. FROM ITALY! I’ve just spent my entire morning slaving over a hot wood burning oven to bring you this delicious pizza straight from the streets of Florence.

Just kidding. Kind of.

I really am in Italy, but I might have made this pizza before I left.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t totally knock your socks off good as Florence pizza though, because it really is (totally knock your socks off good as Florence, in case you were questioning it).

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Summer Corn Salad



There are two types of people in this world.

1. salad people.

2. non-salad people.

In my vegetarian/vegan days, I was a total non-salad person. All the way. When you get offered salads like 90% of the time you ever eat out, it can definitely put you against the salad. But once I started eating meat again, salads came back into my life as a joyous food order.

Bacon on salad = winning.

My favorite type of salad is cobb, but I might just have a new favorite with this corn salad.

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Cherry Cheesecake Pops


Happy Monday from Sunny Los Angeles!


Yep, you heard that right. I’m in LA! Whoop! Anyone reading this live in LA? Let’s meet up, say hey!

I’m here for just a quick trip to help celebrate the launch of my dad’s new product, pretty cool stuff. But don’t worry, I have a delicious recipe for you while I’m here!

Cherry cheesecake popsicles, need I say more?

These are beyond easy peasy lemon squeezy to make, and taste just delish. I love the mix of the tangy cherry filling with the creamy “cheese”cake in the center. YUM.

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Maple Bacon Cookie Sandwiches



I guess this might sound like a fall type recipe, but to me, bacon and maple syrup is delicious anytime of the year.

Like, who boycotts maple syrup and bacon in the summer, just because it’s summer?

Not me, that’s for sure.

So I’m going to celebrate maple syrup and bacon RIGHT NOW. And I do not regret my decision at all.

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