The Disney Experience with an Allergy: Epcot


Hiiii from the Most Magical Place on Earth!


Can’t.breathe. It’s Belle. My favorite princess. Ahhhh… “Little town, it’s a quiet village..”

Vivian and I are here in Disney World with our families for a week-long vacation! We are so excited to be here and can’t wait to share all of our tips, favorite places to go, and overall experiences while eating at the most magical place on earth.

This is part 1 of a 4 part post series about eating at Disney with an allergy! And don’t worry, Disney doesn’t disappoint. I think I even forgot that I had an allergy while I was here because of how well the cast members, chefs, and anyone that works for Disney handles allergies.

What I love most about the Disney dining experience is that the chef or manager of the establishment always comes out and takes your order for your meal and talks to you about all of the options, and they always avoid cross-contamination at all costs and will alert you if any food items might be cross-contaminated.

I recommend making reservations for everywhere you’d like to eat because it gives the restaurant time to prepare for your arrival. And, when you are going to a restaurant with special requests it’s courteous to let the establishment know ahead of time, but I also just showed up at a few places (especially for lunch) and the service was the same. I also emailed Disney at a few days before our trip (they ask you to email them at least two weeks ahead of when you are going if you have multiple allergies or more than one person in your party with allergies) and they emailed me an awesome list of most of the restaurants and parks on property and what they might have that is dairy-free. It was the perfect go-to when deciding where to eat and I often referred to it when ordering dessert. If I knew that a restaurant had Enjoy Life cookies on the list, then I would specifically ask for them for dessert.

In our first blog post, we have decided to share our experience at Epcot. The park that can take you from Mexico to Germany in a matter of minutes by far has the most restaurants on Disney property, so Epcot was where we ate almost all of our dinners.

We dined with fish at Coral Reef Restaurant, ate pizza from Vesuvius at Via Napoli in Italy, visited Belle at Monsieur Paul in France, got henna tattoos at Tangierine Café in Morocco, and so much more!

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Puerto Rican Sofrito Shrimp



My mom is about as Hispanic as they come:

  • Extremely loud, to the point where I can be in the house and hear her laughing from down the street.
  • Has serious booty dance moves, and always has a dance party anytime we have people over.
  • We literally have people over all the time; friends, relatives, someone she met while at the grocery store…
  • She’s a hugger. A real big hugger.
  • We are never hungry in our house, she loves to cook and we love to eat!
  • We have arroz y frijoles con pollo at least twice a week.
  • She thinks my friends are her best friends, and she’s always in on the latest gossip.

All these things are why I love my mom so much. We have such a fun and loving household and she is the fearless leader (with my dad, of course!) running the show.

We are always having a party of some sort and there’s always a reason to celebrate.

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Healthy Vegan Mac and ‘Cheese’



Confession: my pre-non-dairy days were consumed with a lot of Boston Market mac and cheese. Those swirly little noodles coated in the cheesy sauce that tasted like they’d been combined for hours just soaking each other up… I had a lot of that. And I loved every minute of it. Until about an hour later when I would rush to the bathroom with a stomach ache that hurt worse that anything.

So when I made this mac and ‘cheese’, without any of the cheese, it reminded me of Boston Market’s yummy mac and cheese.

The look, not the flavor. I don’t mean to burst your bubble or anything, but it tastes NOTHING like theirs. One can only dream!

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New Year’s Day Lucky Cornbread

New Year's Corn Bread

New Year's Corn Bread

I seemed to have taken a small sabbatical from blogging this week.

It was certainly not my intention.. I just simply decided to be present and enjoy my time here in Telluride with friends and family. And boy has it been wonderful (GoPro videos are a comin’)!

I’ve snowboarded almost every day and truly enjoyed this time to relax and have fun. I’ve also caught up on my Parenthood and Downton Abbey episodes. Woo hoo!

This Christmas and New Year’s my family participated in all “superstitious” traditions. In my dad’s newfound Jewish fashion (he’s adopted and now believes that his birth family is Jewish, just go with it) we ate Chinese on Christmas day, and then on New Year’s Day we had the traditional (southern?) American lucky meal.

Pulled pork, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread. How much more lucky can you get? We’re bound to have a great year now!

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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Kale and Black Eyed Peas



Okay, I’ll admit, this might be a more “Mommy and Daddy” type post, but I just had to do it. These sweet potatoes are too good.

In most stuffed sweet potato recipes, they use white beans… but I decided to be a rebel and do it with black eyed peas. Good decision, Hunter. I’m now patting myself on the back because it’s even better with black eyed peas!!

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Grandma’s Corn Pudding



Welcome to the week of Grandma Miriam’s recipes! (Well, technically not the whole week, just two posts worth)

This past weekend I was trying to think of what to make this week, and I was just creatively stumped. So I decided to pull out some of my Grandmother’s old cookbooks from church, friends, family members, etc….. and my goodness, she had written down a lot of tasty recipes!

The two that really interested me and sounded awesome (and were super easy to make dairy-free) were this corn pudding and an apple cake recipe that I will be posting very soon ;)

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Maggiano’s: Boston



My parents started a school a few years ago called Ohana Institute. It’s a pretty amazing 5th-12th grade accredited private school, and you should for sure check it out.

I graduated from Ohana two years ago, and work there as a teacher’s assistant now. And Vivian is too young to go to Ohana (yet). But my younger sister, Hannah, and Viv’s two older sisters, Anne Margaret and Evelyn, attend.

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