Grandma’s Corn Pudding



Welcome to the week of Grandma Miriam’s recipes! (Well, technically not the whole week, just two posts worth)

This past weekend I was trying to think of what to make this week, and I was just creatively stumped. So I decided to pull out some of my Grandmother’s old cookbooks from church, friends, family members, etc….. and my goodness, she had written down a lot of tasty recipes!

The two that really interested me and sounded awesome (and were super easy to make dairy-free) were this corn pudding and an apple cake recipe that I will be posting very soon ;)

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Maggiano’s: Boston



My parents started a school a few years ago called Ohana Institute. It’s a pretty amazing 5th-12th grade accredited private school, and you should for sure check it out.

I graduated from Ohana two years ago, and work there as a teacher’s assistant now. And Vivian is too young to go to Ohana (yet). But my younger sister, Hannah, and Viv’s two older sisters, Anne Margaret and Evelyn, attend.

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College Eating: Ole Miss


I had the awesome opportunity to go with my dad to Mississippi for a conference he was doing. I was really, really excited to go because that meant I would see one of my bestest friends, McKenzie!

We have known each other since she was 11 and I was 13. We were homeschooled together and were the first two students at my parent’s school, Ohana Institute. Now McKenzie goes to Ole Miss, and loves it there!

I’m sure many of you have siblings, kids, relatives, or just friends that are in college, and when you visit them, it might be hard to find food to eat while in a new place. So I decided to document my meals at Ole Miss to show you guys some great places you can eat at this college, even with your allergy!


My cousin, Jordan (who came on the trip with us), and I picked up McKenzie from the student union after her morning math class and headed out to brunch. Our first stop was the BBB – Big Bad Breakfast:


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Mummy Cupcakes


Cupcakes are by far the hardest dessert to watch other people eat. Like when you go out to dinner with some friends, or your family, and it’s of course concluded with a group dessert buffet (at least it looks like a buffet because they order so much).

“Oh, I wanna try this one!”

“And I wanna try this one!”

“Why don’t you order that and I’ll order this, and we’ll share!!”

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