Afternoon Tea at Brown’s Hotel: London, England

The Vivian/Hunter family clan is off to Europe!

In these next few travel posts I’ll be writing all about our wonderful three week European Adventure!


In any traveling entity, there’s always a planner. In my own traveling entity comprised of my family and Vivian’s family, the planner would be my father. He loves it.

He’s got us planned on:

where we’re staying.

where we’re eating.

what we’re doing.

what train we’re riding on.

what plane we’re flying in.

what car we’re renting, and the list goes on and on.

Literally being with him is like being with your own personal travel agent. We are so lucky to have a wonderful dad/husband/friend like that to give us such incredible vacations. He really researches where we’re going and fun exciting things we can do in each place. My family and I have been lucky enough to visit London many times, and this time my dad gave us the opportunity of a lifetime.

We all got to put on our fancy dresses and go have afternoon tea at Brown’s Hotel Tea Room! Let me give you some background to get you excited:

Brown’s Hotel was founded in 1837, therefore making it a super duper old hotel in the heart of London. What’s most notable about Brown’s Hotel is the famous people that have stayed there. Popular guests include: Theodore Roosevelt, Napoleon III, and Elizabeth, Queen of the Belgiums. Many writers have also stayed at Brown’s; Rudyard Kipling completed The Jungle Book there, Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, and many more.

Pretty neat, huh?

Not only were we able to have wonderful hot tea (Vivian’s new drink of choice), but my dad also made sure that the tea room knew about our dairy allergy. So when we arrived, we had our own afternoon snacks with no dairy! It was fabulous. We got to choose from little sandwiches filled with meats and jams and eggs and veggies and seafood, then dairy-free scones, and finally chocolatey desserts. We also got soy milk to go with our tea.

The desserts were definitely gluten-free too, and we think the scones!

We had such a beautiful experience and would urge anyone who wants to create some fun and lasting memories to visit Brown’s Hotel Tea Room next time you’re in London, and make sure to call ahead to tell them about your allergy!

Now on to the pictures…









Oooh, and Viv’s and my favorite was the chocolate shell filled with berries!


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