A Day on the Boat + The Bay: Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Well, I can now say I am an official blogger. For two reasons.


First, I flubbed my post for today. A friend had come over at the last minute and asked to borrow my camera to film something, and I absentmindedly cleared my card to give her more room thinking that I had saved all my pictures already for this post and from my trip to Biloxi the other weekend. Then last night as I went through my photos to edit everything, I realized that I had only saved a few, and none from Biloxi.

I’m thinking of it like how equestrians don’t consider you a real horseback rider or whatever you call it until you’ve fallen off your horse at least three times. I’ve fallen off my blogging horse, guess I gotta get back up. The only difference is, that when I fell off my horse horse, I messed up my back and my paranoid mother made me give up horseback riding, not that I really minded because it was pain-ful.

Anyway, my second blogging accomplishment is that I got accepted into BlogHer’s advertising network. Which is pretty awesome stuff if you’re a blogger, because it means that you can put little ads on your site to make some money (pennies for me! Ha ha). I promise it won’t decrease your user experience (thanks for being here!), and you probably didn’t even notice the nifty ad in the sidebar, did ya? But hey, it’s there. And I just wanted to tell you about it.Bay-Restaurant-6

Now back to my flubbed post. My family and some friends and I had the most relaxing day on the boat last weekend. We spent time on the water just cruising and had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, The Bay Restaurant. I’ve been there twice, and my family has been there a lot more, and we love it.

Both times I’ve gone the service has been great. The waiters are very knowledgable on the menu and always check with the chef before I eat something.


This time I ordered fish with a fig & miso glaze, sweet potato chips, and avocado salad. I don’t have any other word to describe it but, yum. It was so fresh and flavorful. And the atmosphere in the restaurant is awesome as well. There’s a fancy bar inside, a casual bar outside, and nice seating everywhere else! It’s perfect for large groups too because they have big tables everywhere.

This is definitely a great restaurant to go to when you’re visiting my neck of the woods. Thankfully, I saved one photo of my food so you can see (above).


Sorry for my blogging mistake. I’ll make it up to you for sure. In the meantime, enjoy these few photos from our day!

By the way, how did I manage to save only horizontal images?

Let it go, Hunter, let it go. 


If you’d like to check out The Bay Restaurant and visit it yourself, head on over to their website. Make sure to tell them that Hunter sent you!

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